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The Colorado Energy Research Collaboratory is a research consortium of four research institutions.

The Collaboratory works with industry partners, public agencies, and other universities and colleges to:

— Create and speed the commercialization of renewable energy technologies, energy management systems, and energy efficiency
— Support economic growth in Colorado and the nation with renewable energy industries
— Educate our nation’s finest energy researchers, technicians, and workforce.

Every activity of the Collaboratory is dependent upon close coordination and cooperation among the four institutions, from organizational structure through the performance of laboratory and field research. The success of the Collaboratory is a tribute to the commitment of the leadersof the four institutions and to our industry members.

The organizational body of the Collaboratory consists of an Authority Board, Executive Board, liaisons and staff.

Authority Board

The leaders of the four Collaboratory research institutions plus three other Governor appointees constitute the Authority Board of Directors. These institutional leaders created the Collaboratory, defined the broad goals of the organization, and retain the ultimate authority over all Collaboratory decisions. Most importantly, the four leaders exemplify the personal and institutional commitment that is the foundation for the Collaboratory.

The board of directors are:

Philip P. DiStefano, Chancellor, CU (Current Authority Board Chair)
Anthony A. Frank, President, CSU (Past Authority Board Chair)
Paul C. Johnson, President, CSM
Martin Keller, Laboratory Director, NREL
Kathleen Staks, Director, Colorado Energy Office
Michelle Hadwiger, Business Development, Executive Director, Colorado Innovation, Office of Economic Development & International Trade
Mark Sirangelo, Corporate Vice President, Sierra Nevada Space Systems

Executive Board

Executive board members are the senior research officers of the four institutions. The executive board is responsible for establishing policy and procedures to achieve the goals established by the board of directors; ensuring that the Collaboratory centers’ research is of the highest quality; and overseeing the Collaboratory’s relationships with private industry and other public institutions. The executive director implements the directions and policies of the executive board.

Members of the executive board are:

Terri Fiez, Vice Chancellor for Research, CU Boulder (Current Chair)
Alan Rudolph, Vice President for Research, CSU (Past Chair)
Peter Green, Deputy Lab Director for Science and Technology, NREL
Ryan Richards, Associate Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer, CSM

Executive Board Liaisons

The Liaisons appointed by the Executive Board are an important asset to the Collaboratory day-to-day operations in that they offer technical expertise in energy-related topics, advise the board when needed and assist in the direction and vision of the Collaboratory organization.

Members of the liaisons appointed by Executive Board are:

Robert McGrath, Executive Director, RASEI, CU Boulder
Bryan Willson, Director, Energy Institute, CSU
Barb Goodman, Executive Director, Institutional Planning, Integration & Development, NREL


Maury Dobbie, Executive Director, Colorado Energy Research Collaboratory  /  970-682-5707