Industry Advisory Committee Strategy

The Industry Advisory Committee is created for the purpose of working with the Collaboratory Executive Board members.  The Collaboratory is an energy research consortium among Colorado School of Mines, University of Colorado-Boulder, Colorado State University and National Renewable Energy Laboratory.  The Industry Advisory Committee shall limit its activities to advising on matters that directly concern the Collaboratory.  The specific purposes of the Industry Advisory Committee will include the following responsibilities:

  1. Advise the Collaboratory where there are gaps and opportunities for energy-related research and development;
  2. Advise and advocate for the Collaboratory’s strategic initiatives with State of Colorado and National officials;
  3. Help foster relationships between Collaboratory institutions and industry partners with the goal of enhancing collaboration and partnerships;
  4. Help create critical partnerships that pair private sector experts with research professionals to bring commercially viable technologies to market, create new products, develop and enhance companies and high-value jobs, grow local economies, while increasing the research capacity of Colorado’s research universities in strategic areas;
  5. Encourage partnerships among universities, federal and state governments, funders, philanthropists and philanthropic organizations, economic developers, workforce developers and the business community in order to strengthen and revitalize university research and speed its translation into innovative products and services; and
  6. Help merge the discovery-driven culture of the Collaboratory members with the innovation-driven environment of industry for the purposes of facilitating the rapid transfer of knowledge, ideas, and technology to commercialization and productive societal use.

For more information contact Maury Dobbie, Executive Director,  970-682-5707 or