Colorado Energy Research Collaboratory

The Colorado Energy Research Collaboratory (Collaboratory) is a uniquely Colorado partnership.  This model has worked.

By requiring inter-institutional interdisciplinary collaboration to address the complex energy and natural resource challenges facing the state of Colorado, the United States and the world, the Collaboratory model has proven to be highly successful. In 2007, the four leading Colorado, USA research institutions—Colorado State University (CSU), the Colorado School of Mines (CSM), University of Colorado-Boulder (CU-Boulder), and the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) created an inter-institutional R&D collaboration called the Colorado Energy Research Collaboratory or “Collaboratory”. Collectively, the participating Collaboratory institutions conduct over USD $1 Billion in scientific and technological research annually.

From its inception in 2007, the Collaboratory understood that no one research entity could address the complex energy and natural resource challenges facing the world and the issues we face will only grow more complex. The Collaboratory recognized that transformational change will require thinking outside the box with new types on interdisciplinary teaming and leveraging one another’s talent and infrastructure. Through State of Colorado funding, the four Collaboratory entities proposed joint, cost-shared projects that mandated two or more of the institutions to work together on energy innovations and solutions. Between 2007 and 2015, State of Colorado investments in the Collaboratory resulted in a 24:1 return on investment.  Our impact and exceptional record of research and education can be read in our economic impact report.

The Collaboratory works with industry partners, public agencies, and other universities and colleges to transform our energy future.  We do this by:

  • Use our world-class researchers and state-wide facilities to expand our national leadership in energy research collaborations
  • Leverage partnerships to transform research innovation into commercial impact
  • Training the next-gen workforce through education, company/job creating technologies and intellectual property with an emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Boosting the nation’s energy ecosystem through research partnerships with industry, foundations, and government

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Leveraging State, Federal and University Investments for Colorado Jobs and Energy Leadership

Between 2008 and 2015, $8 million in state investments leveraged into $96 million in externally-sponsored “all of the above” energy research (click here to view economic impact report):

  • $194 million in local economic impact
  • The four Collaboratory institutions have spun out 90+ new companies and acquired 540+ new technology licenses since 2008
  • Colorado is #3 in United States Department of Energy’s ARPA-E investments nationally which is a fast-track to commercialization
  • $500 million plus investments in facilities and strategic hiring of entrepreneurial research

Transforming our energy future through research

We are leveraging Colorado’s natural resources and pioneering technologies for job creation.  Our research areas support a diversified energy portfolio in advanced energy technologies in oil and gas, sustainable energy, biorefining and bioproducts, next-gen grid and energy systems integration, new materials and devices for solar energy, wind energy research and technologies, modernizing the built environment, batteries, advanced cooling, gas to liquid, and increased energy efficiency — to name a few.

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